JASTECA is the Alumni Association of the Overseas Human Resources Development Association (HIDA) which was incorporated in 1984. JASTECA has made vast strides in human resource development and transference of Japanese technology to Sri Lanka since its inception.

JASTECA provides a multitude of training programs in Japan to Sri Lankan Entrepreneurs, Managers and Technical personal and annually send about 150 Sri Lankans to Japan for training. These programs have brought tremendous success to Sri Lankans in uplifting the standards of quality, productivity, and human resource development. These trainees have come out with many success stories thereby contributing enormously to the GDP of our country.

On a proposal made by HIDA, JASTECA has inaugurated a scheme of management training programs in Japan on a fully funded basis. Under this program JASTECA was able to send a large number of trainees to Japan. This program includes a program for bankers as well. The feedback that we received from these trainees was extremely encouraging.

JASTECA also awards scholarships through Madam Kiyoko Ogawa Scholarship Fund (managed by JASTECA) to deserving students of our country. So far JASTECA has awarded more than 500 scholarships to students from various parts of the country.

Japanese Language Education Association of Sri Lanka (JLEA) which is a sister association of JASTECA conducts Japanese Language classes at Sasakawa Cultural Centre and thousands of students successfully complete the courses annually. JLEA is the only authorized institution in Sri Lanka to administer the Japanese Language Proficiency Test conduct worldwide and hold twice a year in July and December.

JASTECA institute of Management (JIM) the other sister association of JASTECA conducts training programs on various topics such as leadership, supervisory skills, secretary skill, HR strategies and product management for the garment industry, health and productivity management 5S, Kaizen and lean management etc and on many more subjects. JIM also conducts many in house training sessions and seminars to suit the market requirements after careful evaluations of training needs of public and private organizations.

JIM has now established as the leading institution that provides training on 55 and Kaizen in Sri Lanka. The six day 5S Train-the-Trainee program which is the flagship program is much popular among Sri Lankans and more than 150 Trainers have been trained so far.

JASTECA also maintains a Library at Sasakawa Cultural Centre for the benefit of the Japanese Language students.

JASTECA awards night is the most existing event hold by JASTECA annually where the Taiki Akimoto 5S Award, Nagaaki Yamamoto Kaizen Award and Ian Dias Abeysinghe CSR Award are presented.

JASTECA Office Telephone Numbers: 011 2449057 ,011 2997007.